Monday, January 14, 2008

Silver and Gold

Yesterday I helped my boyfriend move into Anderson University. He transferred there this semester, and I went with his family to "help." More like, I went because I wanted to spend every second I could with him before I had to say goodbye.

While his family was helping his brother get settled back into his dorm room, I helped Pete (my boyfriend) start the check-in process in Admissions. As I helped him, I flashed back to my move in day at Grace College. The day was so stressful. You would have thought royalty was moving in, the way my girls' dorm was crowded with people and commotion. I remember meeting some of my now best friends.

Before I went to Grace, I remember talking to my youth pastor, and he said that I was about to go meet my lifetime best friends. I told him I didn't think so, that my high school friends would always have that place in my life. He just nodded his head, probably thinking how stupid I was.

I'm still really close to a lot of my friends from high school, but I thought back yesterday on my friends that I've met since high school, both at Grace, and now at Purdue. I feel as if I've known them my entire life. My boyfriend, who started out as just my best friend, I haven't even known for two years, and he knows me probably better than anyone else in the world. How weird.

I get really excited when I think about what else the future holds as far as friendships and life decisions. Life is really a gift from God, you know? There are constantly twists and turns and new occurrances, but with those twists and turns come new friends, new ways of thinking, and a deeper relationship with our Creator. And some of the old qualities about the way your life was before always stick with you--your personality doesn't completely change into another just gets better, like life is just a series of fine-tuning.

I think I'm rambling on now, so I will stop for this day.

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